Emergency call number: +49 176 1044 3535

We are happy to help with any questions

You always contact us and we will always find out for you. In some extreme examples we can give you the direct contact with the carrier if that helps you.

In principal we will always communicate with you as our principal and never with your end customer unless you instruct us to do so.

We use the optimal carrier each time, depending on service, reliability and price.

We have our own 24 hour emergency number and we would then immediately contact you on your emergency number. Thereafter the communication could be direct with your organisation if that is more efficient.

Yes we can. We can provide them for up to 10 years.

We will always find a carrier or reach an alternative agreement that you are satisfied with.

In practice this never happens. If there are many shipments then we will probably use 2 or 3 carriers to provide flexibility (also for the carriers) but consistency of service.

We provide full visibility and transparency of each shipment through the Transporeon platform.

Our expertise is the combination of our logistics expertise, market knowledge as well as the application of the system to generate more efficiencies.

Absolutely yes. We are hazardous shipment trained and approved. We need to know in advance exactly which products and hazardous classifications you have.

Your contact

telephone number
+49 2238 968 4000